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WFL Super Ludwig

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Manufactor: WFL

Model: Super Ludwig

Size: 5 x 14"

Color: Lacquered Brass

Lugs: 10 Ludwig Imperial lugs

Strainer: First version P-83

Hoops: Chrome-plated brass

Condition: Fair to good

Manufacturing year: 1957 - 1958

Badge: WFL Keystone badge

Muffler: P-4066

Comments: This is indeed a rare drum. It is the first metal snare drum catalogued by the Ludwig company after the family purchased the name back from Conn in 1955. The name of the drum was changed in 1963 to the legendary Supra-Phonic 400. This drum has the rare WFL badge that was only used for a very short periode of time before the Transition badge took over in 1958.
This drum has a very interesting provenance and has been played a lot. More about that below. The Chrome-plated brass top hoop has taken thousands of rim-shots. You can see how it has been bend down by all the hits. The shell has some dings and dents and the Imperial lugs has some pitting. 

A charming snare drum with lots of Mojo. And the best part....It is a fantastic sounding drum. We have all been told how good the drum sounds, but few people have actually heard and played it. I tell you: It has that extra something! As I write this, I have only been the owner for a couple of weeks (november 2014), but I know I will be playing many gigs with this drum from now on. Some might think she's not pretty, but I think she look gorgeous.

The other interesting thing about this snare is that it was owned and played a lot by the late Bjørn Uglebjerg. Bjørn Uglebjerg was the first drummer in the famous danish 70's rock band, Gasolin. He is featured on the first three singles but left the band before their popularity went crazy! 

Bjørn Uglebjerg (1948 - 1994) did not own the drum at that point. He acquired it sometimes in the early 70's. My friend Peter Kragh-Jacobsen (owner of PJ Percussion) was eyewitness when Bjørn got it. Bjørn was playing at a rock festival (Peter can't remember where it was and the exact year).  A Polish band was playing too and the drummer played the drum and Bjørn fell in love with it. He asked to buy it but the Polish drummer refused. Bjørn showed the drummer his 60's Ludwig Galaxy Sparkle drum kit and told him he could pick something from the set for the snare. The drummer chose the 16x16 floor tom as exchange for the snare! What a flower power time!

Peter Kragh-Jacobsen acquired the Ludwig drum set from Bjørns brother Steen Uglebjerg after Bjørn passed away. I have known that Peter had Bjørns Ludwig Galaxy kit and the missing floor tom but I never knew this was the reason. Some years ago Peter was lucky to get another Ludwig Galaxy floor tom. A story that involves som other great people I know....Beat The Meetles...Søren Koch.....Michael Stanley....but that is a story to be told some other day. 

I have decided not to clean the drum but leave it with all its patina. The sticker from SAS (Scandinavian Airline System) is a part of the story. Some day I will ask a friend inside the police if he can use their tricks to determine what was once written. At some point the original P-83 strainer had been changed to a newer P-85. Luckily the whole pattern is the same so no extra holes has been drilled. I located an original WFL P-83 in matching condition and exchanged it with the P-85.

The grommet in the keystone badge looks like it has once been a little loose and someone gave it a little glue inside and a hammer stroke to keep it from rattle. The grommet has a rough edge on the inside.

A great bonus was the drum case that came with the drum. It is so cool, with the old Gasolin and Frede Fup stickers and Bjørns name painted on the case.

Another funny little story that shows how proud Bjørn was of this drum, is a record cover from 1987. The album is with the trio Sam Mitchell, Jens Eböl and Bjørn Uglebjerg. On the backside of the cover the three guys poses with their instruments. Bjørn with this WFL Super Ludwig. They also list their stuff in the back cover text. " Ludvig Supraphonic 400, with messing shell design 1948"! Ludwig with a single v, messing instead of brass (all text on the cover is in english), and 1948 - 10 years before it was made for the first time. It was indeed another time. No internet to gain information from, just mouth to mouth when we are talking vintage drums. I was lucky to track down the record and buy it. See the pictures.

Bjørn Uglebjerg participated in three movies. One from 1983 called Ricking Silver. Here you can see Bjørn playing this specific snare.

A big Thank you to Steen Uglebjerg for letting me buy this great drum and also a big Thank you to Peter krag-Jacobsen for leading Steen in my direction.

Price: Currently not for sale

Reference no.: WFLSL

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