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WFL School Concert

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Manufactor: WFL

Model: School Concert

Size: 7 x 14"

Color: Deluxe Marble

Lugs: 6 Zephyr

Strainer: WFL 1st. generation P-83

Hoops: Flat steel

Condition: Excellent

Manufacturing year: 1941

Badge: WFL Aluminium Keystone badge "Wm F Ludwig Founder" by vent and street address at bottom. This is a very rare badge. I is not even shown in Rob Cooks The Ludwig Book. 

Muffler: None

Comments: The drum has not been cleaned yet. It has two beautiful calf heads. The interior is maple but I have not had a head of to see how many plies it is made of.

Price: Currently not for sale

Reference no.: WFLSC

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