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Ludwig 75th. Anniversary Supraphonic

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Manufactor: Ludwig

Model: Supraphonic

Size: 6,5 x 14"

Color: Chrome over alloy

Lugs: 10 Imperial

Strainer: P-85

Hoops: Triple flanged chrome over steel

Condition: EXC+

Manufacturing year: 1984

Badge: Large Keystone badge + oval 75th. Anniversary badge

Muffler: Large knob type

Comments: A snare drum from a period where Ludwig had the quality under control. Notice how perfect the Imperial lugs fit the shell. Way more nice then todays standard. Try also take a look at "The Chief" limited Dunnet shell Supraphonic. Even though it is a much more expensive snare, then the details are not as good as on this snare.

Price: Currently not for sale

Reference no.: LSA75TH

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