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Ludwig Custom Made Black Beauty

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Manufactor: Ludwig. Engraved by John Aldridge. Designed by Allan Bode

Model: Black Beauty

Size: 5 x 14"

Color: Nickel over brass

Lugs: 10 Corder tube lugs

Strainer: P-89

Hoops: Single flanged chrome plated brass

Condition: Mint

Manufacturing year: 1999

Badge: White oval Ludwig & Ludwig badge from the 1930s Conn era.

Muffler: No muffler

Comments: My first custom made snare. I got the idea back in 1999 when Ludwig had their 90th. Anniversary. They presented a line of Anniversary drums that not really honored their history in my opinion. So I came up with this design that I thought they should have made! I was fascinated by tube lugs, single flanged hoops and claws. Lots of searching for parts succeeded and I got John Aldridge to engrave a Black Beauty shell for me. I love the way it turned out.

Price: Currently not for sale

Reference no.: LBBCM1

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