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Ludwig Jazz Festival

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Manufactor: Ludwig

Model: Jazz Festival

Size: 5 x 14"

Color: Citrus Mod

Lugs: 8 Classic

Strainer: P-85 "Blackface"

Hoops: Triple flanged steel

Condition: EXC+

Manufacturing year: 1971 (2003-4)

Badge: B/O serial no. 605101

Muffler: Large knob type

Comments: This is a recovered drum with original Citrus Mod cortex. It is not the later replica  type. The job was done by Jack Lawton. And as always when it is done by Jack...a perfect job. You know how rare and expensive it is to find an original one so this one is the next best you can get.

You can see the matching Big Beat kit here.

Price: Currently not for sale

Reference no.: LJFCM1

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