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Ludwig Jazz Festival Oyster Pink Pearl

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Manufactor: Ludwig

Model: Jazz Festival

Size: 5 x 14"

Color: Oyster Pink Pearl

Lugs: 8 Classic

Strainer: P-83

Hoops: Triple flanged chrome over steel

Condition: EXC

Manufacturing year: 1963

Badge: Keystone badge serial no.: 6890

Muffler: Baseball bat type with red felt pad

Comments: Here we have one of the rarest drums from the 60's. The cortex does not go in to the shell as a layer but is wrapped around an already made shell. But I have not doubt it is factory original. The grommet and edges are untouched.
There is some scratches around the lugs from a knife. First it made no seance to me but when I toke the drum a part to clean it, I found some blue foil underneath the little washer behind the screw holding the Baseball bat. Then I figured out what had happened:

1. A former owner did not like the finish. Removed all the hardware and wrapped the shell in blue foil and then reinstalled the hardware.

2. At some point someone decided to remove the blue foil but did NOT remove all the lugs etc. Instead he just used a knife to cut around the lugs to remove the blue foil. Shame on him!

3. Later one the drum must have been in a more knowledge hand. Hardware stripped again and the remaining blue foil removed except for that little piece I found.

Fortunately then you can't see the scratches from the knife unless you are aware of it. The pictures show how it looks.

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Price: Currently not for sale

Reference no.: LJFOPP

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