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Ludwig Jazz Festival Oyster Black Pearl

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Manufactor: Ludwig

Model: Jazz Festival

Size: 5,5 x 14"

Color: Oyster Black Pearl

Lugs: 8 Classic

Strainer: P-83

Hoops: Top triple flanged steel. Bottom triple flanged brass

Condition: EXC+

Manufacturing year: July 9th. 1965

Badge: Keystone with serial no.: 153528

Muffler: Baseball bat type with white felt pad

Comments: This has been my main snare since I joined the danish The Beatles cover band Repeatles around 2005. I have played hundreds of gigs with this snare. Notice that there is three holes plugged behind the strainer. At some point in its earlier life, someone had another strainer installed and later on someone did a wonderful job plugging the holes and install an original P-83. All this happened before I bought it. This is a diamond to me.

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Price: Currently not for sale

Reference no.: LOBP1

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