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Ludwigold Super Ludwig

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Manufactor: Ludwig & Ludwig

Model: Super Ludwig

Size: 5 x 14"

Color: Ludwigold

Lugs: 10 tube lugs Artgold plated

Strainer: Super Ludwig

Hoops:Single flanged Artgold plated


Manufacturing year: 1926 - 1930s

Badge: Engraved bottom hoop "Super-Ludwig"

Muffler: None (there are three extra holes in on panel that might have been for a non-original muffler)

Comments: Two of the snare guard clips are chrome plated and not original. There is three extra holes in one panel. Might be from a muffler installed. Beautiful drum and the pictures speak for them self.

Price: Currently not for sale

Reference no.: LLSLLG

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