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Ludwig & Ludwig Standard Peacock Pearl

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Manufactor: Ludwig & Ludwig

Model: Standard

Size: 5 x 14"

Color: Peacock Pearl type II (Ref. Rob Cooks The Ludwig Book page 153)

Lugs: 10 tube lugs

Strainer: The Professional

Hoops: Single flanged nickel over brass

Condition: VG+

Manufacturing year: 1930 - 1932

Badge: Oval brass L&L badge

Muffler: Small knob type

Comments: When I cleaned the drum I discovered four 1 mm small holes. two at the strainer panel - one near the tube lug and the other behind the top of the strainer. The two other holes are at the butt-end panel. On e above the butt-end and one behind it. There is no pattern in the way they are placed. The look like the are made from the inside out. They make no sense at all! You can only see them if you know they are there and even then you have to pay attention. I have taken photos of all four holes. If any have a good explanation, then let me know.

Price: Currently not for sale

Reference no.: LLPP1

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