Ludwig & Ludwig 1-ply Mahogany - Vintage Ludwig

Ludwig & Ludwig one-ply Mahogany

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Manufactor: Ludwig & Ludwig

Model: The Professional Model

Size: 5 x 14"

Color: Mahogany

Lugs: 10 tube lugs

Strainer: P-84

Hoops: Single flanged brass

Condition: VG

Manufacturing year: 1925 - 1935

Badge: Oval brass L&L

Muffler: No muffler ever installed

Comments: This is the great 1-ply mahogany shell with maple rings. It looks like the outside of the shell has been refinished at some point due to the darker area around the badge. The grommet is untouched. 4 claws are brooken.

Price: Currently not for sale

Reference no.: LOP5M1

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