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Schuster & Co / Madsen modified

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Manufactor: The German company Schuster & Co

Model: ? (made for marching)

Size: 5 x 14" (I have not tried if a modern 14" head fits the drum)

Color: Nickel over Brass

Lugs: No lugs but 8 large tension rods going from top hoop to bottom hoop.

Strainer: The active top hoop mounted is made by Schuster & Co. The passive side is a Madsen type.

Hoops: Single flanged brass


Manufacturing year: 1890 - 1915 and later modified by Madsen to make it more "modern an playable".

Badge: None

Muffler: Madsen whiskers type

Comments: I bought the drum in Copenhagen. A leather label with the name S. Hildebrandt was attached. I have kept it on. For more information see page 80 in Erik F. Andersens book "Danske Trommer".

Price: Currently not for sale

Reference no.: MMSC1

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