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Leedy Shelly Manne

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Manufactor: Slingerland

Model: Shelly Manne

Size: 5,5 x 14"

Color: Black Diamond Pearl

Lugs: 8 new separate-tension lugs

Strainer: Broadway

Hoops: Stick Saver hoops

Condition: Good

Manufacturing year: December 1963

Badge: Blue oval Leedy

Muffler: Round knob type

Comments: When I bought the drum there was installed some cheap japanese throw-off and butt. That is why there are extra holes in the shell. I had a broadway strainer and located a butt end that fitted the original holes. It is not a Leedy/Slingerland butt. I bought it locally here in Denmark late 2014. 3 weeks before I had bought a 12, 14, 18 Black Diamond Pearl Leedy kit in another area of Denmark. The shells in that kit is stamped OCT 63 and DEC 63!!! They must have been imported to Denmark in 64 as a hole kit and then separated at some point. How many Leedy kits do you think was imported per year? My guess is max 10. And how many in Black Diamond Pearl! I am thrilled that I was so lucky to find them with inn three weeks. The kit is amazing and easilly outplayes my Gretsch jazz kits.

See the matching kit here.

Price: Currently not for sale

Reference no.: LSM

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