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Ludwig C&C Ringo Starr

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Manufactor: Ludwig and C&C Custom Shop

Model: Ringo Starr!

Size: 6,5 x 14"

Color: Two color Abalone and purple starrs

Lugs: 20 Classic

Strainer: Millenium

Hoops: Triple flanged steel

Interior: Clear

Condition: Mint unplayed condition. Does show sign of genuine handmade work.

Manufacturing year: 2006

Badge: Large Keystone Badge 

Muffler: No muffler

Comments: Back in june 2009 I was extremely lucky to be on eBay at the right time! Todd Trent was selling this unique snare and I was able to work out a deal and he pulled the auction before many got a chance to see it. 

The Story: Back in 2006 Todd Trent was working for Ludwig as their artist relations coordinator. He got a call from Ringo Starr's right hand man and drum tech Jeff Chonis. Ringo was going to tour later that year with his All-Starr Band and wanted a new drum set. Jeff had seen a very cool and custom process for drum finishing at a trade show. It was a drum set wrapped in abalone by C&C Custom Drums. The idea was to create a very special pattern out of two different colors of abalone and add some stars in purple sparkle. Purple is one of Ringo's favorite colors and it went well with the abalone. Todd arranged for Ludwig to build the drums. Jeff designed the pattern and chose the colors and Bill Cardwell at C&C did the finish. The process is very well documented in a one of a kind booklet. Todd originally ordered two snares so Ringo would have a spare on stage. This is common practice for touring drummers. Jeff didn't think it was necessary to have a back up snare since Ringo already had many snares. So Todd Trent bought the second snare for him self and kept in in his collection. Later that year he went to see Ringo and got a drum head signed for the drum. Ringo never owned or played this snare. There is only two in the world. Ringo got the one and I got the other! It is so special and are not possible to copy. I never played the drum and will not in the future. It is sitting on its place of honor and is a beautiful conversation piece.

Price: Currently not for sale

Reference no.: Ringo Starr

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