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Yamaha Recording Custom

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Brand:   Yamaha Recording Custom

Sizes:   8x8, 10x8, 12x8, 14x14, 15x15 & 22x16

Finish: Piano Black

Manufacturing year: 1992 - the 8x8 tom was added a few years later (made in 1998).

Condition:  EXC++

Price: Currently not for sale.
(Snare, stands and cymbals are not included in a sale)

I bought this kit brand new. This was before the vintage bug hit me! Steve Gadd was my big inspiration and I wanted a kit like him. Back then he played a 14x14 and a 15x15 floor tom. The YESS system was not in the market yet and I did not want any tom holder mounts mounted to the Shell. So Slagtøj Centret in Copenhagen got the drums home for me through a contact in New York.

For years I had the hanging type RIMS on the floor toms, but I got tired of carrying the heavy stand around. Now they are fitted with the more modern type with floor tom legs.

So this is a true Recording custom kit from the golden years and it just sound the best. All virgin Shells!

In january 2014 I had the pleasure of Steve Gadd visiting me in my home! He kindly signed a set of heads for my kit. The heads have never been played on. I only had them on for the Photo shoot. Gadd have never played on my kit....just been next to it with all his great drumming karma.

For the Photo shoot I used one of my regular Ludwig Supraphonics.

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