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Premier Mahogany "Ringo" kit.

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Manufactor:  Premier

Model: This outfit as Ringo played, is not a catalogue outfit, but a mix of Premiers Model 54, Model 55 and Model 58 outfit.

Color: Mahogany (Duroplastic Root Beer Swirl)

Sizes:   8x12", 16x16" and 17x20"

Hoops: Chrome plated Die cast

Manufacturing year: 1960-70s

Condition:  EXC

Price: Currently not for sale.

This kit is younger then Ringo's. The bass drum hoops are black where Ringo's kit had silver painted ones. The lugs is also a generation younger then those on Ringos kit.

All the hardware came with the kit. The chrome plating quality is outstanding.

I have used the kit with my Beatles tribute band Repeatles when we played the early Beatles stuff. I mounted a mic in a Kelly Shu inside the bass drum so no holes have been drilled.

You can read and see more about the Royal Ace snare here.

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