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Maya Pro-Drummer kit

Click on a picture for full size. Specifications below gallery.

Brand: Maya

Sizes: 12x8, 13x9, 16x16, 22x14

Finish: ?

Shells: ?

Manufacturing year: 70s I guess!

Badges: Oval black Maya!

Hoops: ?

Condition: EXC

Price: Currently not for sale.
(Snare, stands and cymbals are not included in a sale)

I do not have much information about this drum kit. I Have a daughter named Maya and for years I was looking for a nice Maya kit. When it happened, it turned out to be in excellent condition.
I have carefully cleaned the kit and I think it is great looking. To my surprise, it is also a very good sounding kit. I did the dirty trick and mounted Pin Stripes on the batter side. Now it has a high volume heavy rock sound. The bass drum sound amazing for rock. It beats any other 22 or bigger bass drum. It has such low end and volume.
If you have any information or catalogues about Maya drums, then let me know.
The snare is a Ludwig SupraPhonic and only used for the photo shoot.

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