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Ludwig Tivoli Vistalite

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Manufactor:  Ludwig

Model: Big Beat Outfit

Color: No. 304 Smoky Vistalite

Sizes:   8x12, 9x13, 16x16, 14x22 and 5x14"

Badge: B/O with serial no.: 12" 1748908 / 13" 1792578 / 16" 1730462 / 22" 1746408 / 14" 1730328

Manufacturing year: 1979

Condition:  EXC+

Price: Currently not for sale.

All lights are working. When I got the kit, some of the lights did not work. I succeeded finding original spare parts but had to change the internal tubings. They rattled a lot and was very fragile. 

You can see more about the snare drum here.

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