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Ludwig Clear Maple Kit

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Manufactor:  Ludwig

Color: Clear Lacquered Maple

Sizes:   8x8, 8x10, 8x12, 9x13, 16x16, 14x22

Shell: 12, 13, 16 and 22" has 3-ply shells with reinforcement rings and clear interior. The 8 and 10" toms are 6-ply Classic Maple drums.

Hoops: Chrome over steel

Badge: B/O badges on the 8x12 (serial no. 852406), 9x13 (serial no. 851525), 16x16 (serial no. 851411) and 14x22 (serial no. 887768). Large Keystone badge on 8x8 (serial no. 3144191) and 8x10 (serial no. 3144189).

Manufacturing year: 8x12 stamped MAR 26 1971. 9x13 stamped MAR 24 1971. No date stamp in the other drums. The 8 and 10" tom are from 1988 or younger.

Condition:  EXC except the 16x16 FT because of the darker colored areas.

Comments: I used this kit when I played the later The Beatles stuff. This was as close as I could come the Ringos maple kit. Since then, when the new Atlas hardware came (around 2012), I changed some of the brackets and lugs to make it more gig ready. The great thing about the new Atlas stuff, are they fit the original holes. So no harm done to the shell and I can bring it back to its original status. i have also installed a mic inside the BD in a Kelly Shu mount (no holes drilled).

I have calf heads for the hole kit, both batter and resonant side. Sound fantastic, but only useable in a studio. Tried it live but it was a disaster.. Impossible to control the tunning!

I love the flexibility of this kit and the heavy warm sound. A killer kit.

Price: Currently not for sale.

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