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Ludwig Oyster Pink Pearl Downbeat kit

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Brand: Ludwig

Sizes: 12x8, 14x14, 20x14 – The Downbeat configuration

Finish: Oyster Pink Pearl

Shells: 3-ply with reinforcing rings. The bass drum has clear interior, the rest are white painted inside.

Manufacturing year: 1960-63. There is a red date stamp inside the bass drum but I can't read it.

Badges: Pre-serial Keystone badges.

Hoops: Chrome brass.

Condition: VG+

Price: Currently not for sale.
(Snare, stands and cymbals are not included in a sale)

A very rare drum kit I was lucky to buy in 2012. I saw it on eBay and noticed the seller was in Oslo, Norway. We made a deal and I drove up from Copenhagen and picked up the drums.
I have carefully cleaned the kit. Notice the rail has been moved from the side to the top of the bass drum, leaving two extra holes. I decided to keep it like that because I could see on the inside of the shell, that it must have been moved almost back when it was new. There is no dents or marks from washers inside under the two non used holes.
The batter bass drum hoop had a Sky Blue Pearl inlay. I was fortunate to buy some original Oster Pink Pearl cortex from The Oyster King Mario Rivera in LA, USA. From the pieces I got, I was able to cut enough inlay to change the SBP to Oyster Pink Pearl. 

I already had the matching Jazz Festival snare drum. You can read more about it here.

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