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Ludwig Citrus Mod Big Beat kit

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Manufactor:  Ludwig

Model: Big Beat

Color: Citrus Mod

Sizes:   8x12, 9x13, 16x16 & 14x22"

Hoops: Chrome plated steel.

Badge: B/O badges with sharp corners.

Serial no.: 12" 783354, 13" 783350, 16" 783249, 22" 7832339

Manufacturing year: 1970 (16" FT stamped MAR. 28 1970)

Condition:  EXC+

Price: Currently not for sale.

Notes: I bought this kit in Sweden around 2005. When I picked up the kit at the sellers house, he showed me an identical kit! Talk about a surprise! It belonged to a colleague  and the seller of my kit had offered to help sell the other guys kit. It ended up with me brokering a sale to another Danish collector.

The serial numbers on the other kit are: 12" 782116, 13" 783349, 16" 783289 & 22" 783253. Notice the serial number on the 13" tom is just one digit from my 13" tom. I have no doubt they where exportet to Sweden at the same time and sold from the same music shop. Getting both kit together after 35 years and up for sale is amazing.

The interior of the 12" tom is a bit darker then the others. It looks like they where clear lacquered two times.

Yoou can see more Pictures and read more about the snare drum here.


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