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Ludwig Burgundy Sparkle Jazzette kit

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Brand: Ludwig

Sizes: 12x8, 14x14, 18x14 – The Jazzette configuration...and then again no! According to the old catalogues the bass drum should be 18x12.

Finish: Burgundy Sparkle

Shells: 3-ply with reinforcing rings. White Resa-Cote interior.

Manufacturing year: 1965-67

Badges: Keystone badges with serial number 524444, 590952, 506478.

Hoops: Chrome over steel

Condition: VG+ (EXC outside but the inside on the bass drum is rough from a period played with no resonant head).

Price: Currently not for sale.
(Snare, stands and cymbals are not included in a sale)

This is an amazing rare bird! 18" bass drums from that period are very rare and to find one in Burgundy Sparkle is almost impossible! A bass drum in the Jazzette outfit is only 12" deep and this one is 14". Normally would a 18" bass drum have the rail mounted at the top and this one is to the left as on bigger bigger drums. It all adds up to the rarity!
When I bought the kit a part of the reinforcement ring at the bottom front of the bass drum had been cut away. Most likely because a previous owner played the kit with no front head and mounted a bass drum anchor! An anchor can not gab over the reinforcement ring, so a part was cut away. I have had the ring repaired professionally and edges redone. You can not see anything from the outside, but now you know.
The kit came with no snare drum but I succeed finding a matching Jazz Festival. You can read more about the snare drum here.
For the photo shoot I just used one of my regular Supraphonics.

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