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Gretsch USA Custom 1980 Maple kit

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Manufactor:  Gretsch

Model: USA Custom

Color: Clear lacquered Maple

Sizes:   6x6", 6x8", 6x10", 8x12", 14x14" & 14x20".

Hoops: Chrome plated Die cast

Badge: SSB#3

Manufacturing year: 1980 +/- a year.

Condition:  EXC+ except 10" tom that has some snare rash at the badge side.

Price: Currently not for sale.

This drum kit (except the two small concert toms) belonged to the swedish drummer Jesper Elén. While he was an active drummer, he had an very impressive career. Jesper Elén bought the kit new around 1980 in Ystad Musikhandel (Sweden). A musical instrument shop owned by the drummer Lennart Gruvstedt's father. It was Jesper Elén's main kit until he stopped playing in 1992. Jesper has played thousands of gigs with this kit. The drums has been kept in storage since 1992 until 2015 when I bought them. You can read more here: www.jesperelen.com.

This is a great sounding kit. Especially the bass drum is outstanding. It is also in a rare excellent condition.

You can read more about the snare that came with the kit here.

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