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Gretsch USA Custom 75th. Anniversary kit.

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Brand: Gretsch USA Custom 75th. Anniversary kit

Sizes: 12x8, 14x14, 18x14, 14x5 

Finish: Dark Walnut Lacquer

Shells: 6-ply Jasper with 30 degree bearing edges and silver sealer interior

Manufacturing year: 2002

Badges: Round Badges. 

Serial no.: 2002-1427, 2002-1426, 2002-1425, 1395

Hoops: Die-cast

Condition: Excellent

Price: Sold 

This is an extremely rare Jasper shelled Gretsch American Series 2002 75th. Anniversary kit in dark walnut stain.  This kit is the same as a Gretsch USA kit but with the special stickers and anniversary badges.  The shells are classic 6 ply Jasper maple/gum. All drums have 30 degree bearing edges. All brands of drumheads have absolutely no issue fitting the shells.  There are no mufflers anywhere on the drums. All drums have the stars and stripes 75th anniversary sticker inside.
Here and here you will find Gretsch press release presenting their 75th. anniversary kit.
You can read more about the snare drum here.

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