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My story short

I was born in 1965 nearby Copenhagen, Denmark. I grew up with my mom and dad and my three years younger brother. Traditional family life as good as it gets.

My interest for music and drumming started around age 15. Not being a born talent, I practiced a lot and had the luck to meet and play with great people. From the age of 18 I played all kinds of gigs. Not much money but a lot of learning experience! A big Thank You to my cousin Søren Sebber who I started playing gigs with and still does. Try Google him – a great musician.

Around age 20, I decided not to pursue a career as a full time musician. To me it was either, be a musician – and poor, or get an education and be rich! Knowing I would never be the best drummer in the world, I went for an education and a business career.

I have kept on drumming and playing gigs throughout my whole career. Playing music is my loved hobby.

Around 30 my interest for old Ludwig drums took off. I had bought my dream kit a few years earlier, a black Yamaha Recording Custom kit. Can you say Steve Gadd clone! Well, he and Jeff Porcaro were my biggest inspirations, but that is another story! After getting the Yamaha drums I told myself it was my last kit….how naive can you be!

This was the years of the World Wide Web being born and way before eBay existed! Finding old Ludwig drums pre-60’s was impossible in Denmark. Through Modern Drummer magazine I noticed something called Not So Modern Drummer. I wrote an old fashion letter to John Aldridge and got subscribed.

Long story short: The first bought drum soon led to several more. I had some years of heavy collecting where it has been much less in recent years.

It has been a big thrill for me and I enjoy my collection, which consists of some very very nice drums. I take care of them at the moment, but someday other drummers will have the pleasure of playing them.

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