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Welcome to vintageludwig.com

Welcome to my website presenting my private vintage drum collection. The main part of my collection are classic vintage Ludwig drums, but I also have some WFL, Gretsch, Leedy and Slingerland drums. I hope you will enjoy looking around. I am not done yet, but so far more than 3.000 pictures to look at! My collection of snare drums and drum kits are present, but my pedal collection and cymbals are still waiting to be displayed.

UPDATE December 2021: more then 10 drumset has entered my collection since I launched my wesite. They are all awaiting being photographed. Several Tama Superstar kits, Maya and Gretsch kits. A few snare drums are also waiting for being displayed.

One of the reasons for making this site is the fact that I can’t take all my drums with me in the grave! I am not yet ready to sell my drums, but it will happen someday! I invite you to join my VIP mailing list if you have any interest in getting a notice, when I decide to sell. But be patient – it won’t happen tomorrow!

If I have got some of the specifications wrong, let me know.

Allan Bode

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